Hello and welcome to Twitchy Witchy Studios!
I would like to thank you for taking time to view my blog, and I hope that you enjoy my art work!

Here are a few other projects I'm working on.

They're  all still in the early building stages, so they're not looking their best at the moment, but they will within a few weeks.

The first is a wicked witch by the name of, Agatha Cackle.

(Her head is sculpted from Sculpey© clay)

The second project is a cute little elf named, Alfie!

(His head is sculpted from Sculpey© clay)

And last, but definitely not least, her majesty, The Queen of Hearts!

(Her head is sculpted from Sculpey© clay)
I still have a few more touch-ups to do, but basically he's finished being painted!

Now I can start on designing his body and outfit. :)
Here's the project I'm currently working on. This little devil is made of foil, papier mache, and sculpey clay. He hasn't been baked yet...but he's about to be in a really hot place soon! lol ;)

Here are a few more close ups of this little devil.

Now he just needs a little bit of paint, a body, and some clothes!

My cat, Gizmo
Gizmo loves to help me with my projects, making sure it meets his approval.
Here he is saying, "I think that would make a great toy for me!" "Oh, and when's dinner?
I is hungry for sea food medley!"

Gizmo is a little shy when it comes to showing off his costume.
Here he is in his bumble bee costume on Halloween 2010. He's such a cute little bashful bug! :)

One of my first witch dolls, she stood 4' tall, with a dowel body, papier mache egg head, felt, and cloth. I haven't made any more since then, she was just made for family members.