Hello and welcome to Twitchy Witchy Studios!
I would like to thank you for taking time to view my blog, and I hope that you enjoy my art work!
Bone Daddy is finished!
A special gift I made for my boyfriend, Philip. :)

My newest creation, 'Itsy & Bitsy'!

Itsy & Bitsy

Itsy and Bitsy Spider, are brothers. They lived in a cozy little high rise home, in a neighborhood known as the 'Basement District'.
One day an accident happened when Itsy and Bitsy were still in their mother's birth sack. A big bristly thing with a long wooden handle, knocked the birth sack to the ground. Itsy and Bitsy's mother was devistated. She quickly crawled down to the floor and rescued Itsy and Bitsy, unfortunately, their brothers and sisters were gone.
Itsy was the runt of the litter, a precocious little scamp, Itsy loves to race, whether it's running or riding on his big brother's back in the Halloween races, his big brother Bitsy is always there to look after him and cheer him on. Bitsy is a tough guy on the outside, but has a big heart on the inside. Bitsy loves being with his little brother, the two are inseparable. They're always exploring uncharted territories of the Basement District, finding new places to play hide and seek.

Here are a few more photos of Itsy & Bitsy, geared up for the Annual Great Pumpkin Race.

Itsy's racing number, 31.

I found a new clay recipe! :)

Ever since I've been sculpting, I've been trying to find a less expensive clay for me to use. I still enjoy using paper mache, but prefer the smoother texture of clay. I recently found a site of an amazing artist by the name of, Jonni Good, who makes the most amazing sculptures. Her website is Ultimate Paper Mache. If you are interested, please visit her site, she has very helpful tips for working with anything paper mache. One of her recipes for paper mache clay, and is easy to make! Here's the link to her paper mache clay recipe: Paper Mache Clay Recipe.
I recently purchased the items for the recipe, and found it to be a bit tasking at first (having never tried anything like it before), but I prevailed! It was quite sticky, and a bit hard to work with (having only worked with polymer clay), but once you get the hang of it, it's a pretty good clay!  It dries hard, you can use sandpaper to smooth out the rough spots, and drill through it as well!
{I must add, you need a butter knife or an artist's palette knife, to smooth it on, otherwise, it sticks to your hands and fingers. I personally use a palette knife, it works best for me, as well as clay sculpting tools.}
I will be posting my sculptures  (using this clay recipe) soon! =^..^=

Snowman I made for my boyfriend.

I made this one of a kind snowman ornament for my boyfriend, Philip. I still have to give him a hat and scarf, but here he is, as is. :)

It's been a busy last few months!

I'm sorry for being away so long, I'll be back posting my finished sculptures in the near future. :)